Pottery Painting Sessions

Paint, Relax & Get Creative

About the experience

At Inspired Pots, our inviting studio welcomes all ages and skill levels to create a one of a kind piece, made by you.

Whether your looking to entertain and craft memories with children, capture baby footprints, create a gift for a loved one, catch up with a group of friends or need a mindful moment alone to relax.

Our studio assistants are on hand to demonstrate how everything works and help you choose, design and paint something truly unique to you!

How much does Pottery Painting cost

Our Pricing

At Inspired Pots, there is a studio fee of £3.75 per painter plus the price of the pottery you choose to decorate in the session.

The studio fee of £3.75 per painter is to cover the glazing and firing of your pottery.

The pottery is individually priced, you can choose from a wide range of different pottery items, prices vary from £3 - £45 with the majority of items between £10-£20. Our stock changes based on availability follow us on socials to get sneak peaks of our selection and updates on new pottery items.

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  • 1. Pick Your Pots

    Choose your pottery from our wide selection of functional tableware from plates and mugs to novelty animals, fairies and dragons.

    Once decided pick up your chosen pottery and take them to your table were you can start decorating.

  • 2. Decorate

    Now for the fun bit! Our friendly studio assistants will share our top tips & tricks to painting before you begin. We provide aprons & an assortment of brushes, stencils, stamps and sponges to help you transform your pottery piece into a work of art.

  • 3. Glaze & Fire

    Once you've finished painting bring your pots to the front desk.

    Leave your pottery with us to glaze and fire in our kiln. Your pottery will be ready to collect 7-9 days later, staff will confirm a collection date when paying at the end of the session.

Glazing & Firing

The final part of your pottery's journey involves glazing and firing in the kiln. We strive for perfection to prevent any events from occurring to your pottery however this is not an exact science where occasionally the glaze and kiln can be unpredictable. During firing the bisque can repel the glaze resulting in unglazed spots as well as small surface imperfections caused by brick dust flying around the kiln as it heats ups. Where it's safe to do so we will re-fire the pottery to try and fix glazing issues, in the unlikely event that your pottery breaks or cracks in the kiln we will offer a replacement voucher for compensation.

We hope you understand that we do everything we can to try and prevent such things, however it is not always possible. The unpredictable element can be both the charm and frustration of ceramics.

Pottery Painting & Studio FAQs

Do I need to book in advance?

While walk-ins are welcome, we recommend booking to ensure your spot. This way, you won't miss out on the fun!

How does the studio fee work?

Our studio fee is a flat rate covering paints, tools, glazing, firing, and assistance. It's your passport to unlimited creativity during your session!

Is the paint safe?

Absolutely! We use non-toxic, washable paints, perfect for artists of all ages and easy to clean up.

Can I get help with my painting?

Our staff are on hand to offer tips and tricks, whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned potter.

Do you offer services for special items like handprints?

Yes, we can help you capture special moments with handprint ceramics and other personalized items, perfect for gifting.

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