Activity For Disabled People & Their Care Givers

Embrace Creativity With Ease

At Inspired Pots, we are committed to creating a welcoming and accessible environment for all, celebrating the unique abilities of every individual. Our studio is a space where care, support, and creativity come together, making art an enjoyable experience for disabled adults, children, and their carers alike.

Whether crafting a piece as a therapeutic exercise or just for fun, we provide a variety of pottery pieces that are accessible to everyone. Our supportive staff are always on hand to assist, ensuring that each person can express themselves freely and create without limits.

Together, we celebrate every stroke of the brush and every detail of your creation, appreciating the unique journey of every artist who joins us.

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Welcoming Creativity, Tailored to Your Needs

Drop by anytime to indulge in pottery painting – no appointment necessary! If you or someone you're accompanying has special requirements, please let us know in advance. We're happy to adjust the lighting, lower the music, or re-arrange the space to ensure comfort and accessibility. Your creative experience, your way.

Free for carers

Assisting is Complimentary

If you are here to assist and support without painting your own piece, please be our guest without any charge. Your presence is invaluable, and we are pleased to facilitate this shared creative experience.

We value the support you provide, and as a token of our appreciation, carers are not charged a studio fee when they are assisting someone they care for.

Join us for a day out for carers

Painting Together

Should carers wish to paint their own pottery piece alongside the person they are supporting, we will simply ask for the standard studio fee for the carer as a painter. This ensures that everyone has the opportunity to unleash their creativity, with full access to our paints, tools, and firing process.

We strive to make this distinction as clear as possible to ensure fairness while maintaining the welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that Inspired Pots is known for.

  • Creating Without Barriers

    Discover the joy of pottery painting in a setting that adapts to your needs. Our studio is equipped to accommodate wheelchairs, and we're committed to providing a comfortable experience for every visitor. From adjustable lighting to quiet spaces, we tailor the environment to help you create with ease.

  • Tailored Sessions for Unique Needs

    We understand that everyone's requirements are different. That's why we offer personalised sessions that can be customised to suit your preferences. Whether it’s adjusting the ambient music, providing special equipment, or ensuring easy access around the studio, we’re here to facilitate a relaxing and enjoyable pottery painting experience.

  • Plan Your Visit

    Drop-ins are always welcome, and we encourage you to reach out if there are specific accommodations that would make your visit more comfortable. Our friendly team is on hand to ensure your requirements are met, from the moment you enter, to when you leave with your finished masterpiece.

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